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22 Different Videos

Looking for a fast and fun way to get started retouching and learning secrets of the trade today? This course of tutorials will cover dozens of angles and take you from being a beginner Photoshop user and turn you into a well-versed retouching beast. These are all tutorials that I have on my site, but now you have them as a digital download on your computer and some of them come with the source files, RAW files, or PSD depending on what the tutorial is.


1. How to create a Lomography effect (2:20) 2. How to create the Best Lens Flare (5:22) 3. Photoshop fails at HDR (How to get great HDR!) (15:44) 4. The ultimate guide to beauty retouching (55:44) 5. Photoshop fails at Skin Smoothing (How to smooth skin) (12:59) 6. How to retouch a dramatic headshot (25:57) 7. How to retouch food photography (21:16)

8. How to retouch the Apple Watch (1:10:32) 9. How to retouch Fashion Photography (25:46) 10. How to retouch a Professional Headshot (18:10) 11. How to create “VSCO” film style effect (21:58) 12. How to retouch Wedding Photography (14:48) 13. How to retouch Children Photography (11:34) 14. How to retouch Group Photos (swap heads) (18:04) NOTE: Bold titles include PSDs, RAW files, or working files!

15. How to Retouch Landscape Photography (14:22) 16. How to Select Hair (15:33) 17. How to Dodge and Burn (6:55) 18. Quickly Add Gloss to Lips (4:18) 19. Cinematic photography retouching (30:40) 20. Professionally retouch eyes (17:57) 21. BONUS: How to use the Healing Brush (15:38) 22. BONUS: How to create a Panoramic Photo (5:03)


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Andrew Yianne


“Nathan’s tutorials are among the best I’ve watched. They’re in-depth, intuitive, and easy for anyone to learn from.”


Pieter Staaks


“When I started to follow Nathaniel a couple years ago his tutorials were always to improve my own work and it really got me into the [graphic design] field a lot sooner because he [teaches] how to do things and also how to use them with real clients.”

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Andrew Gormley


“If you work with digital media of any type, it’s a sure bet that you’ll be asked to quickly learn new skills in order to meet a client or employer’s needs. You want succinct, high-quality and, perhaps most importantly, accurate tutorials to get the knowledge you need. Nathaniel is a constant source of exactly that: engaging video tutorials that get you up to speed on a mind-boggling number of topics. He’s clearly well-versed in all of the software he teaches and it shines through in his confident delivery of the material. Do yourself a favor and follow, subscribe, and support all of his amazing work.”

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Avi Loren Fox


“I absolutely love tutvid. The photography/video world can be confusing and it is refreshing to find a teacher who can provide high leverage tips in a simple way. Nathaniel’s enthusiasm and positive attitude makes the whole learning process really fun! Im constantly applying what I learned from Nathaniel in my projects and grateful for his presence online. Thanks to him, I was able to create a cinematic video for my Kickstarter campaign that helped to raise $40,000 (my goal was $30,000!). Nathaniel is a rare breed – and I’m grateful for his commitment to pay it forward and share his wealth of knowledge.”

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Advanced Selections

Throughout these tutorials we will cover how to select fine hair, as well as skin, we will also cover using masks, and creating virtually any selection you will ever need in your retouching process.


Retouching Products & Food

Retouching portraits of people is one thing, but we’re going to dive into how to retouch products and also how to retouch food photography over the course of several tutorials.


Dodging & Burning

Personally, dodging and burning was one of the biggest things that changed the way my photography looked. It’s one of those techniques that you will want to know if you want to give your images a “professional” look.

Cinematic Portraits

Anybody can go to school and learn how to retouch the boring, regular old head shots. I want to take you on the trip and talk about how to do fine retouching and create cinematic portraits using simple and advanced techniques.

Film, VSCO, Instagram Effects

No series of retouching tutorials would be complete with at least one tutorial on how to get a really great retro, film grain photo effect. My goal in this tutorial was to create one of the best film grain affect tutorials on the web. Nothing cheap or flimsy about this effect!

Retouching Eyes

It’s so easy to over retouch eyes. In this tutorial series you will learn how to retouch eyes to make them really pop, but still look natural and not overdone. The key is subtlety and not overpowering the natural beauty of the eye.

These techniques, tutorials, and so much more!


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PSDs, RAW Files, and Images Included with many Tutorials!

Follow along with many of the tutorials, or use your own photos and watch your skills improve as you work!


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No matter your skill level, there is a load of information you’ll love in this course.



Learn Non-Destructive Editing!

Probably the single most important aspect of learning how to edit photography and use Photoshop is the idea of non-destructive editing. Throughout this tutorial series you will be exposed to virtually every type of non-destructive editing that Photoshop has to offer. This will change the way you look at Photoshop and change the way you work with your photography forever.

Learn all about Adjustment Layers!

Not only are Photoshop’s Adjustment Layers non-destructive, they are also the single best way to change the color, contrast, tone, and virtually any other aspect of your photo in Photoshop. They offer unparalleled power and control in terms of changing the way your photos look. By the end of this tutorial series you will be a master with Adjustment Layers.



Speed & Workflow!

Sure there are loads of features and tools and techniques in Photoshop that you will learn throughout this series, but there are also hundreds of hotkeys and smaller tips and tricks that I use in my day to day photography retouching workflow in Photoshop that I share with you as we go through all of these videos together. When it’s all said and done, your workflow and the speed at which you use Photoshop will be increased drastically!


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