Powerful Trick for Cinematic Color Grading (Premiere + Photoshop)

Stock footage from: https://savagestock.net/

LUT generator: https://sellfy.com/p/aQ1y/ 

To create LUTs to color grade your footage in Photoshop is easy and fun! This tutorial will cover how you can export LUTs from a preset you’ve created in the Camera RAW editor. Use the powerful color tools in Photoshop and the Camera Raw editor to create amazing color grading for your video and movie projects! Thanks for watching!

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Recording notes:

  • Download the IWLTBAP LUT generator
  • Export a frame from your film
  • Bring it into Photoshop and create a LUT (maybe like an Orange/Black style LUT)
  • Because we’re using Camera RAW, we can’t do the export adjustment layers to a LUT type thing that we normally would
  • So create the Camera RAW adjustment and save it as a preset
  • Open the IWLTBAP generator and create the HALD with a click
  • Bring that into Photoshop, convert to a Smart Object, apply the Camera RAW preset to this card, and save it out as a PNG
  • Head back to the IWLTBAP LUT generator and create a new cube LUT based upon that PNG we just saved
  • Back in Premiere, add a Lumetri Color effect onto your video clip and adjust the intensity as you wish.
  • BOOM.

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