Photoshop: Sucked Into Smartphone Photo Manipulation Tutorial

Learn the painting and masking techniques you can use to create this cool effect and remind your friends to stop staring at their phones or to keep staring and embrace the lifestyle 😀

Inspired by Antonie Geiger: and artists on Instagram like @petterbullling

Stock photo I used

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Recording notes:

  • Cut out the subject of the photo first and pop them up onto a new layer. Right-click on and apply the layer mask if you have one.
  • Use Liquify to drag the face down toward the device with a small brush
  • Add a basic path blur that follows the “bend” of the sucked face blob
  • Create a layer group and add a filled mask to this and use a soft-edged brush to paint the blob back in.
  • Create a hairbrush
  • Create a new layer in this group and use the hairbrush to sample colors from around the blob and gently paint lines into the blob
  • Add a Curves adjustment above this and tweak the contrast to boost the brightness and the black point
  • Create a D&B layer set to Overlay and drag this layer just above the cutout subject and use the D&B tools to gently spike the contrast
  • Use the hairbrush to further blend the mask for this blog layer group and help the edges of the blob meet the skin/hair
  • Create a Dodge and Burn set of Curve layers and use a 5% flow/50% opacity brush to subtly level out the colors and tones in the blob.
  • Create a new layer in this group and use the hair brush again at 100/100% and sample a VERY bright yellow/white from the background and gently touch in these bright fibers of light
  • Create a new layer and set it to Color blend mode and sample a mid color from the hair and dusty this color over the meeting of the blob and hair
  • Sample a darker color from the hair and create a new layer, set it to Overlay, paint with a 25% brush to dust in darker blending color for the edges of the hair to the blob
  • Create a new layer and use the hair brush to paint darker colors around the hair edges to blend the hair to the blob even more
  • Create an orange glow from the phone and mask to the front side
  • Create another burn Curves layer and paint a shadow beneath the blob stuff
  • Merge all layers to a new layer and use the smudge tool with hair brush to streaky the blob a little
  • Use blend if to split the white slider for underlying layer and bring back some of the sharper highlights
  • Merge all to a new layer and convert to Smart Object
  • Camera RAW this
  • camera calibration: red -100/+10 green +100/+30 blue -65/+10
  • basics : temp: +10 tint +10 clarity +20 vibrance +20
  • Curves: boost black point a touch and boost contrast some
  • Detail: add sharpening, too much sharpening
  • Commit the changes and reduce the opacity to 50%
  • Add a Curves adjustment layer and reduce black/white point 1.5 grid squares
  • Add a Crisp Winter LUT at Soft Light blend mode
  • Reduce both adjustment layers to 75% opacity
  • Add a Selective Color adjustment and -5 the Black in blacks and -5 the Yellow in blacks to fade and blue the shadows a bit
  • Tweak masks and brush here and there as needed

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