Beauty Skin Retouching Photoshop Tutorial (How to retouch skin!)

Learn high-end beauty and skin retouching in this Photoshop tutorial. We’ll talk about keeping skin sharp, removing blemishes, dodging and burning, and more! Skin retouching Photoshop tutorial!

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Recording notes:

  • Camera RAW process to boost shadows and reduce highlights a little
  • Use inverted Curves to find more spots, etc…?
  • Attack with a plan (make notes on a new layer!) (even if you’re doing this to a photo of yourself)
  • Small healing brush w/ sharp edges to dump these
  • Clone stamp set to low flow to get rid of wispy hairs on chin and edges of skin
  • Use Black and White and Curves to boost contrast to find areas to be Dodge/Burned
  • Dodge/Burn with 2% Flow brush to reverse dodge/burn and flatten skin
  • Curves set to Luminosity to avoid changing the saturation values in the image (for introducing contrast into the image)

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