Retouch & Smooth Skin & Sharpen Portrait Photographs – Photoshop CS4

Smooth Skin and Sharpen Portrait Photographs – Photoshop CS4

Soften and Smooth Skin! This is a huge thing when working with studio photography, models, or anyone really. Smoothing skin can really add a lot to an image, but if you do it the wrong way it really can look terrible. We will also look at selective sharpening by using a mask to limit the sharpened region. We will cover: Masking, Blending, Sharpening, and Cleaning up Skin Blemishes in this video!

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  1. says: Mark Loring

    No video. I clicked on download and saved the file to my computer. When I tried to install it  I got an error saying a newer version of Quicktime is already installed. What’s up?

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