Quick Black and White Photographs! – Photoshop CS4

Quick Black and White Photographs! – Photoshop CS4

When working with large numbers of photos occasionally I will try batch processing a black and white conversion over a folder of images, but my problem always was the simple desaturate command in Photoshop never really did the trick, the photo(s) always looked way to flat. Using this technique we will boost contrast using blend modes prior to our final black and white conversion and the beauty of this method is it is the same for every photo so making an action takes seconds.

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  27. says: Katy Gordon

    Interesting ideas you have there in the article. Worth trying, I should admit. Always gladly read your articles and also on lavalu & fixthephoto.com websites. They must do well as a photo editing company judging from the diversity of your ideas and knowledge of online photo retouching. Good work! But not so good as yours.

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