Create a Fancy Dimple Background Texture – Photoshop Tutorial

Create a Fancy Dimple Background Texture – Photoshop Tutorial

Subtle patterns are all over the web these days and without a good grasp of the techniques used to create these sweet, snappy, subtle little patterns, you may find yourself up the river without a paddle when you need to create a pattern!

Let’s jump in and create a dimpled, hole-punched, car-seat style background texture in Photoshop and save it as a Pattern so it is easy to access and use in the future!

Step 1:

Star by creating a new Photoshop Document size 10px by 12px at 72 pixels per inch.

Step 2:

Hit Cmd/Ctrl + 0 to zoom our tiny file all the way in to 1600% or 3200%. Go Edit>Fill and choose to fill it with 50% gray.

Step 3:

Go Window>Info to open the Info Panel and watch the “W:” and “H:” area. Grab the Elliptical Marquee Tool and draw out a small circle 4×4.

Step 4:

Go Layer>New>Layer and name this new Layer “Dimple”. Fill this shape with Black by going Edit>Fill and choosing Black as your fill. Hit Cmd/Ctrl + D to deselect and grab your Move Tool (V) and move the shape one pixel to the left and one pixel down by clicking your respective arrow keys.

Step 5:

Now go Layer>Layer Style>Drop Shadow and use the settings I have.

Step 6:

Duplicate this Layer by hitting Cmd/Ctrl + J and use the Move Tool (V) to shift this shape down until it is tucked into the bottom right corner of the Photoshop Document.

Step 7:

Select your Background Layer and drag it to the trash can in the Layers Panel. Go Edit>Define Pattern and give your pattern a name.

Step 8:

Now create a new Photoshop Document using the size settings I have.

Step 9:

Go Image>Adjustments>Hue & Saturation and set the Brightness to -80%.

Step 10:

To add a little shape to our background go Filter>Render>Lighting Effects and use the settings I have in the screenshot.

Step 11:

Create a New Layer and Fill it with Black. Go Layer>Layer Style>Pattern Overlay. Choose our pattern and use the settings I have. You will now have a very subtle pattern appearing.

Step 12:

Reduce that Layer’s “Fill Opacity” to 0%. Effect is complete!


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  1. says: Bernardas

    Hey man, nice to know that you listen’d to my comment! I really apreciate that! However I would like to come with new question or suggestion for your new how-to. 

    Backgrounds are really tricky things when you want to keep everything simple professional minimalist and technical. I’m asking you how to create this kind of backgruond. Something really well done. With larger or smaller texture + lighting. 

    Personally I watched every tutorial you did and that’s what has not been mentioned there. so you tut-vid library could do this kind of tutorial. (something with different colors and more challenging). 

    And thanks again for another great tutorial. +share

  2. says: tooza

    if all of my folks know a little English u would be our number 1 tutor
    such a great person u r Mr Nathaniel ^_^
    thank u alot

  3. says: Matt

    When I make my 4×4 selection im getting a solid square rather than your crosshair type shape.  is this a problem?

  4. says: Jabber


    Great Tutorial!

    One quick question: I have photoshop CS6 and when I try to draw a 4×4 Elipse with the marquee tool it just stays the same. (doesn’t change to the crosshair type shape) Is this a problem?

    I really like you Vibrant colored ring

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