Create Amazing Metal Rust and Stone Textures Photoshop Tutorial

CREATE THOUSANDS OF TEXTURES IN ANY COLOR YOU CAN IMAGINE WITH THIS TECHNIQUE! | We’ll use the power of lighting effects and texture channels to create this mind-blowing effect.

Tutorial Outline

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll take a look at building a texture channel using different filters that can be manipulated or re-created in any way you could ever imagine. We will use that channel in conjunction with a Lighting Effects filter over a base of colors in our document to create this really cool metal/rust/gold/stone texture that can be used for TONS of different things! You’re absolutely going to love this tutorial! We will also quickly look at how to use this type of texture as a material texture for a 3D object in Photoshop as well!

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  1. says: Mary McKay-Eaton

    Wow. That’s really cool! Just think of all the cool planet images you can make with this technique. I must have flubbed something somewhere, as applying the metal texture layer in the channels panel didn’t produce the raised bump effect. Maybe it didn’t work because I’m using CS4?

    I’ll try it again. Even if I can’t make it work, it’s still WAY COOL!!!

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