Change Hair Color! Brunette/Brown Hair to Blonde Hair – Photoshop Tutorial

Make Brunette/Brown Hair to Blonde Hair – Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how to make one of the most difficult hair color changes; brunette to blonde! We will cover an advanced technique to convert hair color to anything you would ever want! The focus of the tutorial is squarely on converting darker (brown) hair to lighter (blonde) hair. The techniques, Adjustment Layers, and Masking methods can be used to convert anyone’s hair to nearly every possible color you could ever imagine!

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  1. says: Ayo

    I love the new look of the site Nat.
    You have been a great tutor and you have changed my life tremendously, God bless you.
    Thanks Nat. Once again, here is an awesome tut.

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  39. says: Tani Adams

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