Scrolling Thumbnails Photo Gallery Actionscript 2.0 – Flash Tutorial

Scrolling Thumbnails Photo Gallery Actionscript 2.0 – Flash Tutorial

In this tutorial we will build off of the the scrolling thumbnails video and take it to the next level by building a fully functional gallery with a bonus randomizer button. Learn about using variables and rounding numbers and navigating time lines within a flash movie with actionscript.

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  1. says: Benny Barnabas

    Great videos !! I have tried to replicate this video in CS3 however the coding doesn’t as I use 3.0 please could you given alternative coding for 3.0.

  2. says: Lily Markel

    Hi Nathaniel,

    I like your tutual, short and you always find simplel way to explan, it’s easy to understand it and easy to follow your steps.

    This scrolling thumbnail gallery only use AS2, I need As3 code for this thumbnail gallery, and I am new with Flash, need your help!!!

    I try make a gallery with many photos, so it’s passble use Uiloader and I like fade, but if it’s too hard make it happen, without it is okay to me.

    I want to be your student, if you like to teach me, I can pay you, I am not joking.
    here is my email, if you can write the As3 code for me, I really… 😀

    I love Flash!

    [email protected]

  3. says: anonymous

    Hello masta Nathaniel, i’v following this tutvid from the beginning (part-1) until this one (the-2nd/ last) tutvid, the result …. ITS A GREAT TUTORIAL VIDEO… but i’m wondering, can you link it into another layer with the same horizontal scrolling thumbnails like u’v made before. so when we click the scrolling thumbnails img, it will linked into another layer with another horizontal scrolling thumbnails in that layer AND when we rollover that second horizontal thumbnails it will appearing a Vertical Scrolling Thumbnails and linked the thumbnails. of course the vertical scrolling thumbnails will have the same function like the horizontal scrolling thumbnails.

    nb: in this case it will be two horizontal scrolling thumbnails in the same frame, but at first it will be one horizontal scrolling thumbnails and when we click it, it will linked into the second or new layer with horizontal scrolling thumbnails on it and when we put our crusor on the second horizontal scrolling thumbnails with verticalled thumbnails on it when we put our crusor on it.

    and I’m wondering too, can You make a circle scrolling linked thumbnails too ???? just like in this tutorial video , but can you make it just like mac menu, so when the thumbnails came into the front the size will get bigger and when moving into back it will smaller. (can you make it with at least 4 thumbnails and link it?).

    and the last question for my great flash masta… i’m wondering how to updated our published website, for the example after we add another layer with img, text etc on it ???

    well i think its a piece of cake for my masta, coz when im hear your tutorial voice it’s very convincing….

    and i hope i can download your tutorials video :D… thank you before and long life for my masta and his knowledge….

  4. says: anonymous

    and for the other comment, i suggest all of you to use flash8 pro to create a project. when its done you can open it on other flash version. Notice: the other flash version canot opened in flash8 pro. coz i think flash8 has no glass color (it has basic color). well hope you can make it and remember make our generation better with free knowledge by anonymous 😀

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