Flash Drop Down Menu Tutorial – Actionscript 3.0

Flash Drop Down Menu Tutorial – Actionscript 3.0

Creating a Drop Down Menu for your website is perhaps the most requested and hotly searched item for designers across the web. In this tutorial we will take a look at how to build a Flash Actionscript 3.0 Drop Down Menu which is easy to add drop down sections to, and pretty simple to setup. The beauty of this technique is that once you have built on Menu you can simply take it and do a few color changes, or Menu/ Text changes and you have a brand new Drop Down Menu.

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  1. says: dga

    Well…… the video doesn’t work.  Clicked the link to make sure I had the latest QuickTime and still doesn’t work.  Really wanted to see this one.

  2. says: Bennnani_mohcine

    What is the problem is not defined in navbar Glow
    when I écsécute it gives me the following problem:
    sequence 1, Layer ‘AS’, Frame 1, line 1120: Access to undefined property navBarGlow.
    Who can help me

  3. says: Embo Mathers

    Can anyone (hopefully Nathaniel) tell me how to do the rest of the drop down menus? I got the first one working as shown in this video, and I created new buttons and frame for the next menu, but it doesnt drop down. Does anyone know what extra code I need to add to the actionscript? I really need help

  4. says: Max Tube

    Hey guys…. Check out the video ‘How to Make a Drop Down Menu in Flash – The Easiest Way’ by Max Tube for another VERY exciting tutorial!

  5. says: Mjhuggins17

    Hi and thx for this tutorial as it was very useful. However I have one problem…I have followed all of your design and coding, and when I test the movie my horizontal tabs highlight and my output says that im rolling over, which is great. However my drop down menu bar under “portfolio” does not appear when I hover over with the mouse..Im not sure what I have done wrong. Pls can you help???

  6. says: Vivek Chokshi

    Awesome work mate… Loved it… And I really want you to enable downloading the source code if possible… 🙂 
    God Bless, keep up this sensational tutorial work… 

  7. says: let peace be with us

    thank you very much! I managed to get it working on android devices. starting on my real first Flash project/App now!
    great TUT, very clear cuz he describes what he is doing and why he is doing it! in that way you actually start to understand the code.

    Jah Bless!

  8. I spent days working on this, and finally figured everything out EXCEPT for the functions for the individual drop down buttons. I tried writing the code exactly like the first one only changing

    homeFrame_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, goBackF);

    Then I change the homeFrame_btn to the name of my other frame buttons. only to get a 1021 error code.

    this is the error code

    Symbol ‘mcDropDowns’, Layer ‘AS’, Frame 15, Line 4 1021: Duplicate function definition.

    This is the code that I changed

    authorFrame.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, goBackF);

    ****function goBackF(event:MouseEvent):void{***

    the section with the asterisks is the error code. What did I do wrong

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