Create Scrolling Thumbnails With Actionscript 2.0 – Flash Tutorial

Create Scrolling Thumbnail With Actionscript 2.0 – Flash Tutorial

We will start with nothing more than a blank Flash document and 10 100px X 100px thumbnails and from that little bit we will construct this sweet scrolling thumbnail bar. This thumbnail bar will move in different directions depending on where the users mouse is. It will also stop when the user rolls onto a certain part of it and each thumbnail will light up as the user rollover each individual thumbnail! Lots to learn!

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  1. says: Sandragordijn

    Thank you so much! I wanted in scollbar like that for my website to make an gallery. I had never worked with flash befor, but with this video I was able to make it with my own pictures. Next I will follow the tutorial on how to make it work as a navigation bar to show a larger image.

  2. says: Joshuaswanner

     I love your tutorials.  Thank you so much!  For some reason, I cannot create any motion tweens for the bars in CS 5.5 🙁

    1. says: Joshuaswanner

       To update, I figured out that one must select “classic tween” in CS 5.5 (which probably means CS 4 as well for those that care)!

  3. says: Zul_senator

    Hello, thnks for the tutorial.. i hve question.. can the picture be a button and link to other scene .. i hve make it and link it also but its not working

  4. says: Laura

    Hi there. I went through the whole tutorial and in AS2 I get no errors. However, my scroller doesn’t reverse to the right or even stop when the mouse is moving over the thumnails.I am confused. Please help!!!!

  5. says: Ping

    ThX!!! It’s a great tutorial …. but it doesn’t work for me:P
    I’ve watched your vid for many many times now from YT to here. Because I wanted to find what I did wrong. I typed the ActionScript exactly like yours but, still the same, mouse can’t stop the tween and it can’t go prev or next frame. Will you help me figure it out?

  6. says: Emerson Costa

    Hello friend, congratulations on the tutorial is really great, but please you should provide the code for download, it would help a lot.

    Please await the return email “imagemvip.emerson @”


  7. says: BLWaters

    Have you updated these instructions for Action Script 3.0? I see several have had problems getting it to work correctly and that is where I’m at right now. If you could direct me to any updated instructions I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much, great stuff 🙂

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