FadeIn/FadeOut jQuery Image Fade Rollover Tutorial

FadeIn/FadeOut jQuery Image Fade Rollover Tutorial

One of the most beautiful things about jQuery is the speed at which you can create very nice effects, effects that normally would have taken a bunch of time creating multiple image states or going all-out with Adobe Flash and creating rollover after rollover, are now easier than ever with jQuery!

We’re going to be using a couple lines of jQuery code to create a simple rollover effect on a series of thumbnails. The jQuery will always target the images within that page so no matter how many more are added they will automatically get the rollover effect!

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  1. says: Kenny Alexander Cox

    enjoyed it very much, i just sorta wish that the code was more visible
    🙂 great tutorial all in all! My first Jquery tut but it wont be the
    last! Thanks!

  2. says: Liz Barrows

    I love this effect…but can you take it further by 
    directing to a larger image  if you click on it? 

     I am new to this & 
    trying to redo a portfolio web site!

  3. says: CockEyedJoe

    Good tutorial however it defeats the object i.e. none coding, what you are teaching us is how to apply a certain effect and manually inserting various lines of code. I thought the whole idea of jQuery script was so that designers don’t have to code or am I missing something?

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