Styling a Simple Form with CSS – Dreamweaver Tutorial

Styling a Simple Form with CSS – Dreamweaver Tutorial

We will go ahead and create a form and then style it using CSS. Learn how to hand code a simple form and then hand code all of the CSS code you need to create a nice little form. The beauty of this tutorial is that you can do all of the coding in Dreamweaver or any HTML editing software, if you can type words and export an HTML file you will be able to follow this tutorial! Have fun learning some simple HTML and CSS!

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  1. says: Maximo

    Hello my name is max, many thanks for the tutorials, I have a form on the contact page html but I could not understand the php code so it can be sent to my email. I would appreciate if you could say anything

  2. says: Moorcroft

    Just discovered your site and ran a few of your Dreamweaver tutorials. They are really good and helpful. You are so quick, magic.

  3. says: Babylonkid

    Im typically disappointed with Dreamweaver tutorials but I loved this one. I created my form and everything worked and looks like the instructors. Now how do we make the buttons work?

  4. says: Ken

    Here’s another video that won’t play in Firefox on a Mac, in spite of me having Quicktime. I don’t usually have any trouble playing Quicktime videos so I assume it’s a problem on your end.

  5. says: Dhaniel

    Hello there, i was realy liked your great post about DW.. but, there’s something is missing when i clicked the video. it said “missing plugins quicktimeplayer”. however, i’ve plugins that you recommended to play it. but, still can’t play it well.

    sorry, if my speels such a mess. but, can you help me this time. it’ll great if you fix this 🙂

    thanks before.

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