How to Validate a Web Form – Dreamweaver Tutorial

How to Validate a Web Form – Dreamweaver Tutorial

In this video we will cover form validation. Form validation is a super important aspect of forms in dreamweaver and in all of web design for that matter. Form validation insures you recieve emails with valid information(for the most part) and helps users understand when they need to submit more information about themselves when they use your web form!

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  1. says: Shawn St John

    In trying to validate form, the only input fields that show up in the validation box is the textarea “comments”. Everything else is not there. I followed the tutorial on creating the form to the letter. What is going on?

    1. says: Shawn St John

      I figured it out… after “<input…you have to put "type="text". For example –  Hope this helps if anyone else has the same prob! 

      1. says: Scparkin85

        brill!! just had the same problem and panicked. Thank you for the additional info and thanks Nathaniel for this site and all your turorials! Amazing job! 

  2. says: Harshit Parmar

    Please provide me the js code for – When i press reset button error massage on the form must be dismissed.

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