Create a Vertical Navigation Bar With CSS/HTML – Dreamweaver Tutorial

Create a Vertical Navigation Bar With CSS/HTML – Dreamweaver Tutorial

Using Dreamweaver CS5 and CSS we will create and style a vertical navigation bar with images and rollover states!

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  1. says: Anonymous

    Hey great tutorial, just like all your other tutorials. Do you think you can make the sideBarRo.gif file available?

    For  Christian Sayson46. If you have FireFox, Right click in ‘whitespace’ on the page. Select ‘View Page Info’ in context menu. Click ‘Media’ tab, then scroll down the list, until you find the embedded type. Select it and press the ‘Save As’ button, and it should save as

    An easier way would to be get the FlashGot addon for FireFox, then you can right click on video, and click ‘FlashGot Media’ and then it will save to hard-drive just like an image.

  2. says: Ken

    This video won’t show up and I have Quicktime. I am using Firefox on a Mac. This is the only video I’ve ever had a problem with showing up – including on your site.

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