Create a Spry Collapsible Panel – Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorial

Create a Spry Collapsible Panel – Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorial

In this tutorial we will learn about a very cool widget in Dreamweaver CS4 that will allow you to create a very cool and easy to edit Collapsible Panel which basically allows a user to click and tab and a content box drops down below it and the user it able to click the tab and retract the box so it is just the tab again. It is really a cool way to display some content and adds a neat little effect to your website.

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  1. says: Guest

    erm…. I realy would like to watch the video but…. the quicktime just doesnt work correctly. It totally doesnt work with Firefox and Chrome, it seam to work on IE but its like 40 on 40 pixels size….. Can u put it as a youtube video pls?
    Would much appretiate it.

    1. says: BrainArtGlobal

      If you click on the youtube link at the top, it should take you to the tutvid youtube channel. All the videos on this site are provided there. Hope this helps!

  2. says: BriainArtGlobal

    I enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks! There is one thing I was wondering about. You have it set up to be open at the start. How do you set a collapsable panel to be closed first when the page loads.

  3. says: mokhtar akel

    I can’t watch the video; a problem with quicktime
    it gives me the logo of quick time and a question mark on it

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