14 Steps To Using Divs – Dreamweaver Tutorial

14 Steps To Using Divs – Dreamweaver Tutorial

This is a tutorial straight from the Tutvid.com newsletter! We will take a look at a whole bunch of the things you want to be sure to know when starting to use Divs. Learn all about placing and using Divs as well as styling them with CSS in Dreamweaver!

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  1. says: Charles Andrew Angel

    thx for the tutorial, im working on DW CS5, i did the tutorial but and i keep getting a space line between the body and the header n footer, i set top and bottom margin to 0 but its stil there?? do you know why that may be? thk u

  2. says: Susanne Cardwell

    Thanks very much for the excellent videos.  Nathaniel, you have the most professional web tutorials I’ve yet to encounter.  I’m wondering when you’d recommend using relative divs.  I’d love to see a more advanced tutorial on divs, moreover.  I’ll peruse your site to ensure I didn’t miss that one.  Congratulations and thanks again for the remarkable work.

  3. says: Brian_Merrick

    Hello, Nataniel  I can see your video on your website, but the video tutorial is too small for me to view.  It’s about 4 x 5 box on your page and it won’t allow me to expand the video.

  4. says: AnthonyMancuso

    Hi can anyone answer me when i make a div with a width of whatever like for example 650H and 650w and i place another div inside of this div for example 450H 450W.  and then on this div i wanted to make a margin top of 60 it stays on the first div i created and doesn’t move at all it just stays there? can any one explain to me why please!!! i would really really appreciate it 


  5. says: Ellie

    So helpful. I agree the video is a little tricky to see, but with what little knowledge I have I can work through it. Your tutorials are very much appreciated. Thank you.

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