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Text Effects, Photo Manipulation, Color Effects, Grunge, UI Design, Icons, and all kinds of other Photoshop effects!


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28 Unique Videos

When the time comes to take your Photoshop technique and skill set to the next level, this is THE tutorial bundle for you. The money spent on these tutorials is an investment in YOU!

I talk about creating different graphical objects like a video player, social media icons, learning the pen tool, and also project based tutorials covering like creating a Breaking Bad style poster, creating an Avatar Na’vi character, or a Vibrant Color Ring.

There are loads of features and techniques covered in each of these tutorials! These are all tutorials that I have on my website, but now you have them as a digital download on your computer and most of them come with the source files, RAW files, or PSD depending on what the tutorial is.


1. Create a Hipster style logo (29:08)

2. Create a Shattered text effect (15:17)

3. Create Apple iOS Chat Bubbles (30:41)

4. Create Hand-Stitched Social Media Icons (14:25)

5. Create a Mini Mac Icon (14:29)

6. The Blur Gallery (13:53)

7. All About the Crop Tool (10:20)

8. The Content-Aware Tool (16:22)

9. Create Custom 3D Shadows (10:31)

10. Create a Simple Mp3 Player (21:47)

11. Create a Colorful CD (12:55)

12. Create a Sleek Flip Clock Timer (21:31)

13. Create an “Apple” Style Video Player (28:21)

14. How to Create a Dimpled Background Effect (5:11)

15. Learn how to use the Pen Tool (22:40)

16. Create a 3D Pill Button (13:57)

17. Create a Sleek Calendar Graphic (32:51)

18. Create Facebook and Twitter Icons (22:51)

19. Create a Vibrant Color Ring (44:14)

NOTE: Bold titles include PSDs, RAW files, or working files!

20. Change Hair Color (15:51)

21. Create Textures and Patterns for Web Design (20:37)

22. How to Replace a Sky in a Photograph (23:05)

23. How to Create the iOS7 Style Interface (31:24)

24. All about Curves! (15:16)

25. Create a Breaking Bad Style Poster (25:04)

26. How to Create the Best Lens Flare (5:22)

27. BONUS: How to Create an Avatar Na’vi (57:08)

28. BONUS: Layers Tips & Tricks (6:16)


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Nick Eubanks


“Nathaniel is an exceptionally talented writer and speaker. We had him speak at my company’s inaugural meet up about design and photography and his presentation is still talked about. He presents complex ideas in a clear, succinct language and does a great job at engaging the audience and transferring his knowledge.”

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Howard Pinsky


“Nathaniel and I may be competitors, but I know good content when I spot it! I’ve sent many people to his tutorials in the past, and will continue to do so well into the future! 9/10 stars. He nags a lot. ;)”

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Justin Seeley (lynda.com instructor)


“Nathaniel is a talented instructor and highly-skilled photographer. He has a unique, easy-to-follow teaching style that makes his content accessible to learners of all skill levels.”

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Is this tutorial course for you? Absolutely.

Invest in yourself and improve your work 10x!


Text Effects

In this bundle there are several tutorials on a couple different types of text effects where we work with actual fonts which you can download and customize in Photoshop to create fresh and compelling graphics of all types.

Creating Icons!

Creating photo realistic icons is something that is relatively easy to do in Photoshop. Using the skills from a number of the tutorials in this bundle, you will be able to create amazing icons using just Photoshop.

UI Design

We will create a number of UI graphics in this tutorial bundle and cover very many techniques that will be extremely useful for any user interface designer.

Curves, Curves, Curves!

Any seasoned and professional Photoshop user absolutely must know how and when to use the Curves adjustment. This is such an essential tool for anybody who uses images in any capacity in Photoshop. Whether you’re a web designer working with stock photography or a photographer retouching and editing your own photos, Curves is one of the most powerful features in all of Photoshop.

Change Hair Color

One of the other tutorials in this advanced Photoshop bundle will talk about changing hair color in Photoshop. We will use masks and selection techniques to select the hair and then use Adjustment Layers to change the hair color very effectively.

Photo Manipulation

From replacing the sky in photograph to creating a poster modeled after the “Breaking Bad” T.V. show to even creating our very own Avatar N’avi there are a number of great photo manipulation tutorials included in this bundle.

These techniques, tutorials, and so much more!


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PSDs, RAW Files, and Images Included with many Tutorials!

Follow along with many of the tutorials, or use your own photos and watch your skills improve as you work!


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 tutvid.com: Social Media Love

Check out the people’s vibes, fresh from social media!


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Beginner to Professional there is lots to learn here!

No matter your skill level, there is a load of information you’ll love in this course.



Dive deep into Paths and Shapes!

Over the course of these tutorials we will use many of the shape tools and of course the pen tool to create both shape layers, and paths. We will talk about how you take simple paths and simple shapes and turn them into robust and beautiful graphics.

Learn all about Textures and Background!

Subtlety is key. When working with textures and backgrounds in graphic design, and logo design, and most of all, in web design we need to focus on subtlety and simplicity to ensure that our final finished product will be absolutely beautiful. There are several tutorials in this bundle about creating and working with textures and backgrounds for graphical and web design applications.

Loads of Photoshop Tips & Tricks!

As we progress through these tutorials there are literally hundreds of little tips, tricks, and hot keys that I will be disbursing throughout each and every tutorial. These are the little gems that will increase your workflow and general speed when using Photoshop. I hope you love them all!


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Spend a few dollars. Make yourself a master. Deliver better images!

Millions have watched my videos on YouTube and hundreds of thousands follow my channel. You can’t go wrong!

Files will be delivered as HD videos as soon as payment is made. Tweet me @tutvid if you have any questions or problems!

Thanks for checking out my course! -Nathaniel Dodson