Create Vector Metal Lightning Bolt – Illustrator Tutorial

Create Vector Metal Lightning Bolt – Illustrator Tutorial

Welcome to this video tutorial! We will be using Illustrator CS4 today to create some vector leather! After we create our leather we will create this nice shining and sparkling metal lightning bolt on it. In this video tutorial we will learn about a bunch of Adobe Illustrator’s features including, Live Trace, Bridge, Masking, Magic Wand, The Flare Tool, and More!

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  1. says: Emmnl Oblong

    Hey there! Great tut!

    It was really helpful for me since I was trying to make a shiny metallic logo. Thanks!
    Just a recommendation. QuickTime is a really resource consummer, I think it could be easier and faster (maybe not with the same image quality but it would fulfill the purpose) ir you uploaded the vids on you tube… Greetings! 

  2. says: Tomas Nittner

    dear nat, you are doing a great job with your tutorials. unfortunately i am running into a little problem: i got myself the file “leather” from the website. i loaded into cs 4 and started livetracing. well with all possible settings my results don’t look nothing like yours… i tried everything, nada! any possible hints?

  3. says: Sandra50

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