Create a Simple Vector Badge – Illustrator Tutorial

Create a Simple Vector Badge – Illustrator Tutorial

Go ahead and follow along with this pretty basic tutorial and you will be sure to pick up some valuable tips and tricks for working in and with Adobe Illustrator. We will be creating a cool little badge icon which can be used in all kinds of different design projects so not only will you be learning some cool stuff, but you will complete the tutorial with a nice piece of ready-to-use artwork.

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  1. says: Griffin

    Great vids man!!!  Really appreciate the help.  Question:  After I’ve made my badge, how do I export to a useable logo file?  I’m using CS6 and it keeps seeing my “shine” as an object and exporting a huge transparent box (if you check my blog @ right now you can see my issue).

    Thanks again man.  You really gave me a good start on the Ai thing and I’m looking forward to your Photoshop tutorials.

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