How to Build and Style a Web Form With CSS – Dreamweaver Tutorial


How to Build and Style a Web Form With CSS – Dreamweaver Tutorial

In the following video we will build a web based form using html. We will cover using Labels, Text Fields, Text Boxes, Radio Button Groups, Checkboxes, The Clear and Submit buttons, Drop down Menus, as well as many of the properties you can edit while building the form. The form will be ready to be linked with a PHP file for use when you are finished with this video. Get ready to learn a whole lot!

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  • Luciano Sanchez

    Hey Nathaniel,

    Can you please link me to a video or something explaining how to actually write the script? I would really appreciate it. I love your tutorials, keep it up! 


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  • Chris

    You mentionede in the video on embedding videos that you also have one for setting the video to auto. I haven’t been able to locate it. I really would like to be able to do this.

  • Anthony

    Hi i tried following your work. i did everything correct except form the beginning part. Everytime i click select table  to align to the right for some reason for the left side. The right side keeps moving right once i insert any text field object. And i did click the right side to move to align to left.

    • Anthony

      except from the beginning*

  • airtrain

    the information entered into the boxes isn’t appearing in my email. everything else seems to work. any ideas?

    /*subject and email variables*/
    $emailSubject = 'Local Design Build Request'; $webMaster = ''; /*gathering data variables*/
    $emailField = $_POST['email']; $nameField = $_POST['name']; $phoneField = $_POST['phone']; $commentsField = $_POST['comments']; $newsletterField = $_POST['newsletter']; $body = <<<EODEmail: $email Name: $name Phone Number: $phone Comments: $comments Newsletter: $newsletter EOD;
    $headers = “From: $emailrn”; $headers .= “Content-type: text/htmlrn”; $success = mail($webMaster, $emailSubject, $body, $headers); /*results rendered as HTML*/
    $theResults = <<<EODLocal Design Build Email Confirmation Thank you for your interest! Your email will be answered very soon!EOD;echo “$theResults”;

    • Beaniie

      I don’t think you can get php to function properly on a local server. you will need to upload it to the web for it to work correctly.

  • Eleni Kalogirou

    Hello Nathaniel,

    I love your tutorial, but I have a question about the contact form. I am doing everything that you says, but I don’t know if you have tutorial that you shows how can someone receive the form. I mean when someone what’s to send the form how can I receive them by email?
    Can you explain to me or can you link me if you have tutorial?

    Thank you in advance