Create a Full CSS Webpage – Dreamweaver Tutorial


Create a Full CSS Webpage – Dreamweaver Tutorial

In this video we will start with a folder of images and in about 30 minutes construct a very simple 2 column layout using CSS to style our page! We will learn all about using divs, creating CSS rules, targeting divs, creating a background, and so much more! Start learning to harness the raw power of Cascading Style Sheets to create, layout, and style your web pages today!

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  • Kerrichka

    Love the tuturial on Youtube…..however where are the files from this site to download as mentioned in the tutorial??!!! :)

  • Asdf

    what that guy said! where are the files?

  • Jamiu

    Hey the lectures are good but no resources to download the file plz

  • Stolzie1

    the link to the files are in the comments on the youtube video

  • Madiko

    all of your tuts were great. thank you. I’m trying to find out about the navigation tabs, on how to add other information on other tabs.

  • Cuslel
  • Mie

    Hello, I have a question. How can you add more pages to the website? Thank you.

  • Nico88

    If you’re looking for the files mentioned in the video you can find the zip here:

  • MB

     Hello, why that you created the id * ? the dot id?
    Whats the purpose?

  • Zohaib

    I really love Your tutorial and its really understandable! but Can U Lend me the files of that project as U said in the video U will find them on but I can’t any project files here :(

  • Stijnjasper

    This has been really helpful, I understand the program much better now! (It took me two days to complete this since I am a first time user, haha).


  • Priscilla

    hey! thanks for the tutorial! indeed it’s very helpful..

    i just would like to give you an advice.
    A lot of people are using the CS6 or CS5 and i’ve seen the tutorial was made in 2008!
    I had a lot of difficulties to follow your tutorial because of that..
    so, if you can.. start making tutorials with current versions! It would help us a lot!!
    Thank you very much for the tutorial!

  • Joel V John

    Hey! i wanted to know one thing its that – is all i need to do to apply a template for my blog is to post the HTML code from my dreamweaver in bloggers HTML template?

  • meade

    Thanks so much for the tutorial, I enjoy your teaching style very much.

    In DW 5.5, there is no “Advanced” tab when creating a new CSS rule. So I cannot seem to create a ‘#’ rule in my layout sheet. Any thoughts? Did the bindings/calls change between DW5.5 and DW3?

    thanks again

  • Tats

    PLEASE POST NEW TUTORIALS FOR DW6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ham1

    I could not find project files zip so I give up.

  • roh

    where are the resource files, so I can use them whilst following the tutorial? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am a newbie.

  • Ella27

    This is great. This video tut help me a lot..thanks!

  • JohnnyRook

    Found the resource files. Just had to do a Google search for Tutvid Resource Files.

  • Lisa Rubenstein

    I really like all of your tutorials! They are straight forward and comprehensive – not easy to do!

  • Wolf72

    Video Is Missing