How To Make a Preloader – Actionscript 3.0


How To Make a Preloader – Actionscript 3.0

Check out this super easy to customize and edit preloader in flash! It is based on actionscript 3.0, simple to build and code, and even easier to edit! The beauty of this preloader is you can essentially create it one time and copy the vector graphics and coding to any flash project you are working on and WHAMMO! you have a nice preloader ready to go!

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  • Fleur

    Hi Brian,

    Your tutorials are great. Thank you very much for sharing your expertise with us. 
    I have made a preloader for my website as you described in the tutorial video, but when I play it back or simulate a downloan I see four little black dots light up (as if loading) and then a quick flash of the preloader_mc that we created. Then it jumps straight to the content of my website. Do you have any idea why this is happening and what I could do to make it load just like in your example?
    Thanks again!


    • believesvvat

      I have the same problem. I know that when you put a text in then the preloader crashes. The same for. SO HELP US NATHANIEL PLEASE….

  • Believesvvat

    This is unreal good. But can you create ETA (time) to this loader?

  • Guest

    The dynamic text is not working. The fields are staying empty. What could it be? I have double checked everything.

  • Guest

    Don’t mind. I have already find the solution. I had to embed the font (all characters).

  • Guest

    Hey, I have a question. In the beginning of the video, you have already embedded a video. How exactly do you do that? And how would I do this if I were going to load a swf?

  • Dedo

    I done everything you said but it give to me that error:

    Scene 1, Layer ‘actions’, Frame 1, Line 9 1119: Access of possibly undefined property bytesLoaded through a reference with static type Class.

    Any Solution.

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