Create a Drop Down Menu in Flash – Actionscript 2.0


Create a Drop Down Menu in Flash – Actionscript 2.0

In this tutorial we will start from scratch and build a navigation bar and then convert one of the buttons to a drop down button. We will also learn how to link the buttons within the drop down to sites and pages out on the web!

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  • Theevan

    Dude need your Help…URGENT

  • Theevan

    MouseEvent – The class or interface ‘MouseEvent’ could not be loaded. How to solve this? Plz Help…

  • Matthewrb Design

    when i click mask on the mask layer, the green and the grey menu disappear. how on earth do i fix it?

  • Lostsignal1

    Hey great video, I just have a question. What code do you put in on the drop down buttons if you want them to go to a different frame, instead of a URL?
    Help will be appreciated. (using action script 2.0)

  • Nadia

    Sorry but I have a big problem…I’ve made every single passage like 12 times, but it doesn’t appear the option for do the motion tween, i can’t click on it (it’s gray instead of black) !! It’s the passage at 10.20’…I’m using flash cs5.5 version, with actionscript 2.0…I really don’t know why, i want to kick my mac!!

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