Photoshop: Layer Organization Tip & Tricks

This how to video is a primer on the Layers panel and some of the cool and time-saving hotkeys that you have while using layers in Photoshop. Selecting multiple layers, duplicating layers, moving layers around quickly, changing opacity, hiding and unhiding layers, linking layers, and more!

The photo I used in this tutorial can be downloaded here:

Let’s not make this too complicated. Details are below. Watch the video if you need to see it all in action.

1. Group, Ungroup Hotkeys

Create Layer Group: Cmd/Ctrl + G
Ungroup Layers: Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + G

2. Hide, Unhide Hotkeys

Hide/Unhide a layer: Cmd + ,
Pro tip: You can select multiple layers and show/hide them all at once with this hotkey.

3. Duplicate a Layer

Duplicate layer: Cmd/Ctrl + J
Pro tip: If you make a selection and then use this hotkey, you will copy just that selected bit up to a new layer.

4. Delete a Layer

Delete a layer: Delete key

5. Layers Panel Navigation

Select layer below: Alt/Opt + [
Select layer above: Alt/Opt + ]
Move layer downward: Cmd/Ctrl + [
Move layer upward: Cmd/Ctrl + ]

6. Opacity/Fill Hotkeys

Change opacity: press any number
Change fill opacity: Shift + any number

7. Add Layer Beneath Current Layer

Hold Cmd/Ctrl while pressing new layer icon.

Hold Cmd/Ctrl while pressing new layer icon.

8. Linking Layers

Select multiple layers, right-click, and choose “Link Layers”

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