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Before submitting your article or tutorial please take a moment and read over the information on this page to ensure your content will match up well with what Tutvid.com offers. Every tutorial and article submitted will be reviewed. If you do not hear back about the status of your submitted content pitch within 7-10 days, it has probably been rejected. Feel free to tweak and modify the content idea and re-submit your pitch! Thanks!

Content for Tutvid.com

About Tutvid

Tutvid.com is always looking for great new content to provide it’s readers with! Get in on the act and share that great tutorial, story, or article on Tutvid and start driving traffic and viewers to your website or blog too!


Tutvid.com is willing to pay for the content that you submit. All payments are paid via Paypal in US dollars. You will receive your payment within the first 5-7 days of the month following when your content is published. How much will you be paid? That’s up to you! Pitch your content idea and include what you’d like to be paid, we’ll negotiate the payment and settle on something both sides think is worthwhile! There are also payment raise incentives:

  • 50% cash bonus if content is shared 100+ times via Twitter button within a month of publishing.
  • 50% cash bonus if content is commented on 100+ times within a month of publishing.
  • 20% cash bonus if content is Google+1 100+ times within a month of publishing.
  • 30% cash bonus if content is “liked” on Facebook 100+ times by date of payment.

All of these bonuses can be added together if your submitted content hits more then one bonus criteria. Earn up to an 80% bonus on any submitted content!

Promoting Yourself/Business/Blog

We’re all about promoting yourself and what you stand for so in addition to money payment for your submitted content, your name, bio, personal image, and choice of two links will be attached to any content you submit to Tutvid.com to provide a constant link to you and your work via Tutvid.com. When you submit your content please submit a 100px by 100px image of yourself as well as a 45-50 word personal bio and the two links you wish to have placed by your bio information (these can be your public Facebook, Twitter, Google+ page(s)) or your personal website/blog(s).

If you have a product you are selling and are writing tutorials/articles to promote that product we can also place an affiliate link onto your submitted content to boost sales as well! Let’s make this a win-win situation and we all know that winning rocks.

Topics & Content Criteria

Tutorial Topics

For ideas concerning the type of content Tutvid.com is looking for browse the site and look at what is already here. Feel free to send us your ideas if they are relevant to Adobe, Graphic or Web Design, Web Development, Photography, etc…
Here’s a list of sure-fire stuff we’d love to have:


  • General Photoshop Tutorials/Techniques
  • Retouching Tehniques
  • Icon Design
  • Web Graphic Design
  • Composite Graphics
  • Text Effects
  • Adobe Lightroom Tutorials/Workflow
  • Photography Tutorials/Lighting
  • General Dreamweaver Tutorials/Techniques
  • jQuery Coding Tutorials
  • PHP Coding Tutorials
  • WordPress Coding Tutorials
  • XHTML/CSS Tutorials
  • HTML5/CSS3 Tutorials
  • Web Design for devices Tutorials
  • General Illustrator Tutorials/Techniques
  • Gradient Mesh Graphics Tutorials
  • Icon/Logo Design Tutorials
  • Vector Web Graphics Tutorials
  • Print Graphics Tutorials
  • General Adobe Flash Tutorials/Techniques
  • Actionscript 3.0 Tutorials
  • Simple Web Applications
  • Complex Web Applications & Development


  • Inspirational Artists Work (Not top 10 lists and roundups!)
  • Design Theory
  • Design Trends
  • Design Workflow
  • UX/UI Design & Theory

Quality of Content

We like the highest quality tutorials and many tutorial/article submissions never make it to the site. The better the content and quality of the article or tutorial, the more views and traffic your article or tutorial will receive! Submit your best articles and tutorials!
If you do not hear back from us within 7-10 days your article probably did not make the cut. Wash, rinse, tweak, and repeat! It may just make it with some adjustments and modifications!


We ask that you provide credit links to any materials that are used during the tutorial or article you submit. We’re all about giving proper credit and sharing great content all across the web. If you use someone’s hard work to make something awesome, let’s give them some kudos too! Please don’t use anything without the author’s permission. It’s not really that cool.


This should go without saying. Don’t copy other people’s stuff. Articles and tutorials should be entirely created by you and not copied in any way from other authors. It’s not awesome and we really like awesome! Please be cool about it, we’ll all love you for it!

Images in Tutorials

If you are using stock photos/imagery in your tutorial/article you must send along links to the source of those photo(s) so we can be sure that they are available to be used commercially. Any tutorial, article, or video using images without the sources cannot be accepted!

Feel free to use photography from great free stock photography sites such as www.sxc.hu and even use Flickr’s “Search within Creative Commons-licensed content” via the advanced search located on Flickr’s website. You are also free to use stock photography that you purchased, but please send along the source link to the stock photo website your purchase it from.

Content Specifics

Written Tutorials

  • Written tutorials should be at least 15 steps long. (No quick tips! :D)
  • Please submit a 198 pixel by 198 pixel thumbnail of the finished product.
  • A screenshot must be provided with each step of the tutorial.
  • Screenshots must be 700 pixels wide or less.
  • Screenshots need to be clear and high quality.
  • Any written tutorial must include author’s bio information and difficulty level.

Written Articles

  • Articles must be well written including a nice introduction to the article and a concluding paragraph.
  • Please submit a 198 pixel by 198 pixel thumbnail which is relevant to the article to display with your article.
  • The more images the better. Creatives tend to be visual people.
  • Images/Screenshots must be 700 pixels wide or less.
  • We would love to have 2-6 page articles submitted (This would be 500-1800 word-long articles). There may be exceptions, if you think your article must be a little longer or shorter, pitch the idea! You never know!

Video Tutorials

  • Please submit a 198 pixel by 198 pixel thumbnail of the finished product.
  • Please also submit a larger image of the finished product which is 640 pixels wide.
  • All videos must be recorded with audible spoken voice-over in clear legible English.
  • Introduce yourself and your website/blog/company at the beginning of the tutorial and mention that you are making the tutorial for Tutvid.com exclusively.
  • Videos should be at least 5-6 minutes long and remain under an hour in total length.
  • Video quality must be very good.
  • Videos must be recorded in a 16:9 ratio (720p or 1080p are best!).
  • Video submissions must include one or two paragraphs of well-thought out introduction text.

How to Make Your Pitch

Step 1:

Please pitch your idea(s) via the form located at the bottom of this page if you do not hear back within about 10 days your idea was not accepted. Feel free to tweak the idea and re-submit! Note: Not all tutorials will be accepted.

Step 2:

Once your pitched idea has been approved we’ll sort out and agree on a number for payment.

Step 3:

After payment has been decided on, you will have to email your tutorial content to Tutvid.com (you will be provided with the email address and all the info you need as the process moves forward).

The Terms of Agreement

  • The tutorial, article, or video being submitted is being created exclusively for Tutvid.com and the author cannot re-publish any submitted, approved content elsewhere online.
  • Tutvid.com becomes the sole publisher and owner of this content online. The author may use segments of the content in his/her personal promotion, portfolio, etc… but must not re-publish the submitted, approved content in its entirety anywhere else online. (Publication offline is absolutely allowed).
  • Articles and Tutorials are subject to be edited by Tutvid.com prior to publishing.

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